University of Sydney

The Expert Nation project was in part inspired by the success of Beyond 1914 – The University of Sydney and the Great War>>; the project aims to continue building on this set of data to investigate how Australian university graduates with WWI experience contributed to the formation of the post-war Australian nation.

Christmas Card, 1918 – from Arthur William Lamb (University of Sydney Archives) G14/12

Beyond 1914 — The University of Sydney and the Great War is an extensive, searchable database of biographies and archival information about members of the University community involved in the First World War.

Built on the legacy of information provided to the University between 1915 and 1938 by more than 2000 former staff, students, graduates and their families (later published in the University’s Book of Remembrance), Beyond 1914 features insights into the lives of these men and women before, during and after the war.