The Dental Depot at the 3rd Australian General Hospital (Australian War Memorial j01668)University of Tasmania Honour Board 1914-1918William John Ridley, BVSc 1914, (University of Sydney Archives)Christmas Card, 1918 - from Arthur William Lamb (University of Sydney Archives) G14/12(Melbourne University Archives MHM02037)Roll of Honour - University of Western AustraliaDoris McKellar, ‘University reception to General Pau, University of Melbourne, October 1918’, 1975.0048.00024, University of Melbourne Archives.Roll of Honour 1914 -1918, University of Queensland s178-b275Manning House, women students on stairs, Physics Building in background, 1927. Photographer H. Cazneaux- Sydney University Archives p183_1_0256Dr Nolan and Osteology class Medical School,1927 Photographer H.Cazneaux - Sydney University Archives p183_1_0062Roll of Honour,1914-1918, Gatton College- UQ ArchivesChemistry Department Laboratory, 1927. Photographer H. Cazneaux - Sydney University Archivesp183_1_0073Doris McKellar, ‘Friends of Doris McKellar at the University of Melbourne’, circa 1917, 1975.0048.00043, University of Melbourne Archives.Faculty of Dentistry 1921, University of Sydney